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A Statement on the Recent Weather Events

Natural disasters and traumatic events are not normal or routine events and therefore significantly disrupt our daily routines.  The recent weather events have had substantial impact on and will continue to present challenges to families, schools, and communities.  Everyone is affected and no one is exempt.  As individuals struggle to cope with these stressful situations, human interactions can often become strained and the need to support each other is stronger than ever.  Personnel at the Offices of Safe and Healthy Students (OSHS) and Special Education Programs (OSEP) in the U.S. Department of Education are aware of and concerned about the major work in front of families, communities, and schools.  In response, they have created a website to ensure continuation of educational services while restoring the environment:  https://www.ed.gov/hurricane-help.

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News MediaHow Oakridge school beat bullying: 'Once kids have those skills, the problem stops' (Sep 2017, KVAL Eugene OR)09/22/17PBIS in News Media
SCTG Webinar AnnouncementPlease join us for a SCTG Series Webinar on October 19th 201709/22/17SCTG Event
Practitioner's Brief

Getting Back to School after Disruptions: Resources for Making Your School Year Safer, More Predictable, and More Positive

09/20/17Technical Guide

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