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PBIS: Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports. OSEP Technical Assistance Center.

The Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports is established by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) to define, develop, implement, and evaluate a multi-tiered approach to Technical Assistance that improves the capacity of states, districts and schools to establish, scale-up and sustain the PBIS framework. Emphasis is given to the impact of implementing PBIS on the social, emotional and academic outcomes for students with disabilities.

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Webinar Video
New Webinar Video 'Systematic Screening in MTSS'
2016 National PBIS Leadership Forum
2016 Leadership Forum online registration is open
PBIS Evaluation Brief (Issue 23)
SWPBIS Enhance Sustainability of Specific Programs?
Tier 2 Readiness Guide
Guiding questions and activities for each Tier 2 phase
PBIS Forum 2015 Practice Briefs
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Supporting and Responding to Behavior
Evidence-Based Classroom Strategies for Teachers

School Climate Transform Grants

PBIS Materials for School Climate Transformation Grants (SCTG) awardees. Webinar videos, contact information, events, and TA reports are available.

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Slides from Training & Conference Presentations. Please check the left-side menu for 2015 Leadership Forum and previous Leadership forum materials.

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Blueprints for implementation, professional development, and evaluation of PBIS. Please check our updated 'Implementation Blueprint' (updated on Oct 19, 2015)

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PBIS State Coordinator Network: Contact your regional or state PBIS coordinators for technical support or questions concerning the implementation of PBIS.

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"Best Evidence Based Practices for Behavioral Supports (What is PBIS?)" by George Sugai - Presented for UConn Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD).

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Please check our upcoming SCTG webinar series & 2016 National PBIS Leadership Forum (PBIS: Systems for Enhancing Climate & Culture).

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