Implementation Blueprint


    Implementation Blueprint and Self-Assessment (for Local and State Education Agents)

    Version 18  Updated on Oct 19, 2015

    The purpose of the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Implementation Blueprint is to guide leadership teams in the assessment, development, and execution of action plans. The outcome is the development of local capacity for sustainable, culturally and contextually relevant, and high fidelity implementation of multi-tiered practices and systems of support.

    The PBIS Implementation Blueprint is organized in two major sections:


    Part 1

    Foundational and Supporting Information (753 KB)

    The PBIS Implementation Blueprint is grounded in the behavioral and prevention sciences and emphasizes within a multi-tiered support system framework (a) measurable outcomes, (b) evidence-based practices, (c) implementation systems, and (d) data for decision making. In Part 1, foundational content and guidelines are described in relation to PBIS implementation Self-Assessment and Action Planning.

    Part 2

    Self-Assessment and Action Planning (170 KB) (Updated May 2017)

    State, county, regional, and district leadership teams should regularly assess the status of factors or drivers associated with systemic implementation of the PBIS framework. Self-assessment results are used to develop and modify action plans designed to achieve local capacity for establishing and sustaining high fidelity implementation of the PBIS framework. In Part 2, the self-assessment tool and action planning template are provided.


    Please click the links above to download the PBIS Implementation Blueprint Part 1 & Part 2.