PD Blueprint


Blueprint for School-wide Positive Behavior Support Training and Professional Development

Version 3: August 2016

by Timothy
, Susan
Sugai, Robert 
, Barbara S. Mitchell, & Danielle Starkey

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The purpose of this Training and Professional Development Blueprint for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports is to provide an overview of essential features of professional development and the basic logic of building internal district systems capacity for implementing effective practices and making sound data decisions. Districts are provided with strategies and tools to self-assess and determine needed resources. The Blueprint is not intended to serve as a professional development curriculum or set of training and support materials. Descriptions of key features enable school district leadership teams to build a system of professional development that is responsive to school team needs. In addition, implications for regional and state supports are briefly discussed. This Training and Professional Development Blueprint focuses specifically on (a) Training and Professional Development, (b) Coaching and Technical Assistance, and (c) Local Content Expertise.