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    Early Childhood Resource Information & Links

    Addressing Challenging Behavior
    National Training Institute on Effective Practices
    March 22-25, 2009, Clearwater Beach, Florida

    The format is designed to provide cutting-edge information on challenging behavior in an in-depth, intensive learning experience. Each workshop is three hours long and topics are chosen carefully to give you a variety of options. Participants have many opportunities to practice new strategies, interact with experts, and engage in lively discussions with colleagues. This is your chance to learn creative and effective ways to manage challenging behavior. For more information about sessions, travel, and registration please visit the NTI information web site.

    Center Partners Compile Resources for Military Families
    As the United States' involvement in war abroad continues, thousands of families and children are being impacted. In response to this need, the Center Primary Partners have compiled a helpful list of resources for military families.

    Recording of TACSEI WEBINAR
    TACSEI (Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Intervention) faculty recently conducted the Center's first webinar titled: Implementing and Sustaining Effective Programs and Services that Promote Good Social, Emotional & Behavioral Outcomes for Young Children with Special Needs: Part 1 of 2. You can access a recording of this event and all of the accompanying resources by visiting the Presentations and Workshops page on the TACSEI site.

    Pyramid Equity Project (New)
    The Pyramid Equity Project (PEP) develops, demonstrates and disseminates an effective approach for the promotion of social competence in young children and the prevention of suspension, expulsion, and discipline disparities in early learning programs. To learn more, click the links below.