Evaluation Briefs


Issue 32 - Sep 2019
Use of I-SWIS by Elementary Schools to Monitor Tier 3 Behavior Supports
By Kathleen M. Conley, Robert H. Horner, and Kent McIntosh

Issue 31 - Apr 2019
Do Wisconsin Schools Implementing an Integrated Academic and Behavior Support Framework Improve Equity in Academic and School Discipline Outcomes?
By Jessica Swain-Bradway, Kim Gulbrandson, Anthony Galston, and Kent McIntosh

Issue 30 - November 2018
Fidelity of SW-PBIS in High Schools: Patterns of Implementation Strengths and Needs
By Jessica Swain-Bradway, Jen Freeman, Angus Kittelman, and Rhonda Nese

Issue 29 - June 2018
How are Schools Using the SWPBIS Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI)?
By Angus Kittelman, Bert M. Eliason, Celeste Rossetto Dickey, and Kent McIntosh

Issue 28 - Apr 2018
Do Schools Implementing SWPBIS Have Decreased Racial and Ethnic Disproportionality in School Discipline?
By Kent McIntosh, Cody Gion, & Eoin Bastable

Issue 27 - Mar 2018
What are Patterns and Predictors of CICO Participation in U.S. Schools?
By Kathleen Conley, Angus Kittelman, Michelle Massar, and Kent McIntosh

Issue 26 - Nov 2017
What are the Economic Costs of Implementing SWPBIS in Comparison to the benefits from Reducing Suspensions?
By Jessica Swain-Bradway, Sarah Lindstrom Johnson, Catherine Bradshaw, and Kent McIntosh

Issue 25 - June 2017
Guidance for States on ESSA State Plans: Aligning the School Climate Indicator and SW-PBIS
By Heidi von Ravensberg, J.D. and Allison W Blakely, MS

Issue 24 - January 2017
Status of High School PBIS Implementation in the U.S.
By Freeman, J., Wilkinson, S., Vanlone, J.

Issue 23 - February 2016
Does Implementation of SWPBIS Enhance Sustainability of Specific Programs, such as Playworks?
By Paul M. Meng, Kent McIntosh, Jennette Claassen, and Robert Hoselton

Issue 22 - October 2015
When to use Functional Behavioral Assessment? A State-by-State Analysis of the Law
By Heidi von Ravensberg and Allison Blakely

Issue 21 - May 2015
Do Out-of-School Suspensions Prevent Future Exclusionary Discipline?
By Michelle M. Massar, Kent McIntosh and Bert M. Eliason

Issue 20 - March 2015
Do High Schools Implementing SWPBIS Have Lower Rates of Illegal Drug and Alcohol Use?
by Eoin Bastable, Angus Kittelman, Kent McIntosh, & Rob Hoselton

Issue 19 - January 2015
Drill Down Tool Evaluation Brief
by Bert Eliason and Kelsey Morris

Issue 18 - October 2014
When to Use Functional Behavioral Assessment? Best Practice vs. Legal Guidance
by Heidi von Ravensberg and Allison Blakely

Issue 17 - September 2014
Do Schools with Adequate Tier I SWPBIS Implementation Have Stronger Implementation at Tiers II and III?
by Jerin Kim, Kent McIntosh, Rob Hoselton

Issue 16 - May 2014
Patterns of Minor Office Discipline Referrals in Schools using SWIS
by Cody M. Gion, Kent McIntosh and Robert Horner

Issue 15 - February 2014
Have Schools Increased Their Use of the SWIS School Ethnicity Report?
by Kent McIntosh, Bert M. Eliason, Robert H. Horner, Seth L. May

Issue 14 - Jan 2013
Out-of-School Suspension for Minor Misbehavior
by Bert M. Eliason, Robert H. Horner, Seth L. May

Issue 13 - Nov 2012
If discipline referral rates for the school as a whole are reduced, will rates for students with disabilities also be reduced?
by Tary Tobin, Rob Horner, Claudia Vincent, Jessica Swain-Bradway

Issue 12 - Aug 2012
What Does it Cost to Implement School-wide PBIS?
by Rob Horner, George Sugai, Don Kincaid, Heather George, Timothy Lewis, Lucille Eber, Susan Barrett, and Bob Algozzine

Issue 11 - Mar 2012
How to Measure School-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Implementation Fidelity with the Team Implementation Checklist: Percent of Points or Percent of Items
by Claudia G. Vincent and Tary J. Tobin

Issue 10 - Mar 2011
Stability in Variant Administration Methods of the School-Wide PBS Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ)
by Karen Elfner Childs, Don Kincaid, and Heather Peshak George

Issue 9 - Mar 2011
The Revised School-Wide PBS Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ)
by Karen Elfner Childs, Don Kincaid, and Heather Peshak George

Issue 8 - Jul 2010
How many states reference SWPBS in their restraint-seclusion policies?
by Claudia Vincent

Issue 7 - Dec 2009
Influence of school level socioeconomic status and Racial Diversity on Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support Intervention
by Jennifer L. Frank, Robert H. Horner, Cynthia M. Anderson

Issue 6 - Dec 2009
What are the patterns of office discipline referrals across grade levels?
by Claudia Vincent, Robert Horner, and Seth May

Issue 5 - Oct 2009
Do elementary schools that document reductions in overall office discipline referrals document reductions across all student races and ethnicities?
by Claudia G. Vincent, Gwendolyn Cartledge, Seth May, and Tary J. Tobin

Issue 4 - Jun 2009
Comparison of office discipline referrals in U.S. schools by population densities: Do rates differ according to school location?
by Scott A. Spaulding and Jennifer L. Frank

Issue 3 - Jun 2009
The relation between office discipline referrals and school enrollment status: Do rates differ based on enrollment size?
by Scott A. Spaulding and Jennifer L. Frank

Issue 2 - Nov 2008
Implementation of School-wide PBIS across the United States
by Scott A. Spaulding, Robert H. Horner, Seth L. May, & Claudia G. Vincent

Issue 1 - Nov 2008
Do Schools Using SWIS Take Advantage of the "School Ethnicity Report"?
by Claudia G. Vincent