PBIS in News Media

Fun at the forefront for new school behavioral program: Good behavior program launches (Feb 2017, Cayman Compass)- Students and staff at West Bay’s Sir John A. Cumber Primary School last week had a kickoff party to mark the launch of a program aimed at reinforcing good behavior.

BGHS suspensions see massive drop over the last four years (Feb 2017, The Reflector)- Federal funding, renewed focus leads to decreased suspensions and increased engagement

Translational Criminology (Fall, 2016)- An article from a community partner working with the Texas PBIS State Team and the Arlington Independent School District in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area that intersects law enforcement with PBIS (see pages 10-11)

Behavioral initiative continues to be a success (Jan 2017, Wilmington Town Crier)- Wilmington adopted the PBIS initiative. Assistant Superintendent Sean Gal­lagher and Coordinator of Behavioral Health and So­cial Environmental Support Alice LeGrand gave an up­date on what is going on in regards to PBIS.

Marblehead school's behavior program fosters positive change (Jan 2017, Marblehead Reporter) - Showing you are responsible, respectful and safe can be positively rewarding in the Marblehead Public School district these days.

From the community: Social and Emotional Learning is Progressing Evergreen Park Elementary Schools (Oct 2015, Chicago Tribune) - A story about teaching students social-emotional skills to build higher academic achievement

Rethinking Discipline at S.C. School, Behavior Is One of the Basics (Oct, 2012, Education Week) - With a special class on behavior and a strategy known as Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, a Charleston middle school has found a way to reduce suspensions.

Neag School of Education Spotlight - Education Professor Speaks on School Safety at Major National Conference (Mar, 2013)

Brockton Elementary School Defies Odds, Makes it "Cool to Be Good". Contact Bob Putnam for more information about New England PBIS.

Alliance: National Parent Technical Assistance Center, Aug, 2012 - PBIS is TA&D Center of the Month!

CEC Today, Summer 2012 - Using Positive Behavior Approaches: Dr. Michael George talks about the benefits of positive behavioral interventions and supports, and leadership team's role to change the school environment and the students' lives.

USA Today COLLOQUY No. 3 March 2012 (Please see page two Good Deeds section) - A bank and one of our FL schools in the Keys teamed up for their rewards program: Sugarloaf School to implement the PBS Rewards program

Race to the Top High School Commencement Challenge - Winner of the 2010 Race to the Top High School Commencement Challenge

Congressman Phil Hare Supports PBIS - Rock Island School District web site (Mar. 2010)

Hare works on education - Daily Review Atlas (Monmouth, IL: Mar. 2010)

School Program Molds Good Behavior In Rocky Hill - Hartford Current.com (Nov, 2009)

Monroe County schools reward good behavior - Democrat Chronicle.com (Nov, 2009)

Martin County High School's PBIS in South Florida - West Palm Beach News Video (Oct, 2009)

Positive Behavior Emphasized in Shelbyville Schools - Shelbyville Daily Union.com (August 28, 2009)

Intervention Program 'Checks On' Students (An article on CICO) - State Journal-Register in Springfield Illinois (April 20, 2009)

Positive Behavior Proves Productive in School - NBC Connecticut Local News (March 2, 2009)

Rewarding Positive Behavior - Mt. Vernon Register News (August 22, 2008)

Positive behavior support plan to transform negative behavior to positive in the Swartz Creek School District - Swartz Creek News (July 03, 2008)

Public Schools Prepare to Educate Kids with Autism - NPR (August 15, 2007)