6th Annual APBS

Presentations from the 6th International Conference on Positive Behavior Support

Presenter(s) PowerPoints and Handouts
Rob Horner Keynote Presentation: Expanding the Science, Values and Vision of Positive Behavior Support
George Sugai Sustaining Systems Level Implementation of SWPBS: Lessons Being Learned
Debra Kamps, Howard Wills, and Lori Newcomer

Student and Classroom Level Interventions to Support School-wide PBIS

Mike Nelson, Matthew Cregor, Jeff Sprague, & Kristine Jolivette

Positive Behavior Support for At Risk Youth:  A Continuum of Needs and Supports

Using Stimulus Funds to Support PBIS- Written by the Southern Poverty Law Center can be found on the front page under TOP 5

Rachel Freeman, Pat Kimbrough, Peter Griggs, and Shonda Anderson, Nan Perrin, Amanda Little, and Dawn Miller Positive Behavior Support Across the Lifespan: Expanding Interagency Collaboration in State-wide Planning
Heather Peshak George, Karen Childs and Don Kincaid A Comprehensive State-wide Model for Evaluating Tier 1/ Universal PBIS
C. Michael Nelson, Rhonda Brownstein, Kristine Jolivette and Jeffrey Sprague PBIS and At-Risk Youth: A Continuum of Needs and Supports

Laura Zeff

Heather Peshak George

Using Coaching Techniques and Data Analysis to Support Implementation of SWPBS

Building Effective PBIS Facilitators for Successful Implementation Fidelity Across the Tiers

Lucille Eber and Kimberli Breen Creating Systems to Better Support Youth in Need of Secondary/Tertiary Interventions
Brandi Simonsen Evidence-based Classroom Management: Research to Practice
Robert Putnam and Don Kincaid Data Based Decision Making at the Secondary and Tertiary Level
Dan Koonce and Lucille Eber Implementing Tertiary-tier Supports: Braiding Outcome and Process Data to Guide SW-PBS Progress
Susan Barrett

Implementing and Sustaining a State Positive Behavior Initiative

Start-up Agenda
Level of Interventions for Behavior and Mental Health Needs
2007 End of Year Report
Hawkins County SWPBS Agreement
Maryland’s Tiered Instructional and PBIS Framework
Maryland Integration Systems Initiative Self-Assessment and Planning Tool
Proposed Evaluation Plan for SWPBS 2008-09
Roles of District and State Teams
Work Group Questions

Jennifer Doolittle, Wayne Sailor, and Lucille Eber Beyond LRE: Moving Special Education Expertise Into Collaborative Arrangements With General Educators

Rob Horner and Anne Todd

Anne Todd and Megan Cave

Team Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS) Using Office Discipline Referral Data / SWIS Developments for SWIS Facilitators
Christine McGrath, Wayne Sailor, Blair Roger, Amy McCart, & Nikki Wolf

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports in Urban Settings