Chicago Forum 12

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2012 PBIS National Forum at Chicago 

IntroLucille Eber, Illinois PBIS Network & Robert Horner, National PBIS TA CenterForum Intro
Plenary Session George Sugai, National PBIS TA Center

Maximizing the Benefit of Your Participation

A1George Sugai, University of ConnecticutGetting Started: Practice, Systems, Data

Brandi Simonsen, University of Connecticut

Classwide PBIS: Evidence-Based Classroom Management Practices


Rob Horner & Anne Todd, University of Oregon

Team Initiated Problem Solving: An Introduction

A4Jennifer Rose, Illinois PBIS Network; Lynn Owens, Schaumburg School District 54 (IL)Universal Screening

Tim Lewis & Linda Bradley, University of Missouri; Samantha Adams, Parkade Elementary (MO)

Moving Up the Continuum: Essential Features of Tier 2 Systems of Support
A6Chris Borgmeier, Portland State University; Sheldon Loman & Kathleen Strickland-Cohen, University of Oregon

Training School Personnel/ Coaches to Implement FBA/BIP

A7Eric Kloos, Minnesota Department of Education; Kent McIntosh, University of Oregon; John Beach, Princeton North Elementary School (MN)

Assessing & Ensuring Sustainability

Presentation1 Presentation2 Presentation3 Handout

A8Brigid Flannery, University of Oregon; Sandy Washburn, Indiana University

Increasing Faculty/Staff Support for Implementation at the High School Level


A9Don Kincaid & Heather Peshak George, University of South Florida; Tabathia Baldy, Martin County Schools (FL); Susan Voorhees, Baker County Schools (FL)District Action Planning & Problem-Solving Process for Multi-Tiered Academic & Behavior Systems
A10Jeffrey Sprague, University of Oregon; Laura Mooiman & Adam Stein, Napa Valley Unified School District (CA)

From Restorative Justice to Restorative Discipline in Schools: Challenges & Opportunities

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A11Michael Kennedy, University of Virginia; Jessica Swain-Bradway, Illinois PBIS Network

Effective Videos for Supporting School-wide PBS

A12Lucille Eber, Illinois PBIS Network; Carol Ewen, Missoula County Public Schools (MT); Conan Green, Children's Mental Health Bureau (MT)

Community/School Partnerships for Tier 3 Wraparound Implementation

B1George Sugai, University of Connecticut

Building District & School Leadership Teams


Brianna Stiller, Eugene School District 4-J (OR); Steve Romano, Illinois PBIS Network; Jan Morgan, Wauconda CUSD 118 (IL)

Bullying Prevention in Elementary Schools

B3Terry Scott, University of Louisville

Basic FBA/BIP - Initial

B4Leanne Hawken, University of Utah; Ericka Dixon, Winfield Primary School (MO); Danielle Starkey, Heart of Missouri RPDC

Check-in Check-out: Introduction to an Evidenced-Based Tier 2 Intervention



Heather Peshak George & Brian Gaunt, University of South Florida

Problem-Solving Facilitation: A Model for Training & Coaching District Personnel


Kimberli Breen & Michele Capio, Illinois PBIS Network

Tier 2/Tier 3 Coaching Functions & Skills


Lucille Eber, Illinois PBIS Network; Nanci Johnson, University of Missouri; Tary Tobin, University of Oregon

Assessing the Impact of PBIS on Students with IEPs

B8Jessica Swain-Bradway & Ami Flammini, Illinois PBIS NetworkTier 2 Systems Development in High Schools

Wayne Sailor, University of Kansas; Blair Roger, Education Consultant (KS); Tami Espinosa & Michelle O'Neill, Ravenswood School District (CA)

Applying Comprehensive RtI in Urban Schools


School-wide PBIS & Secondary Tier Check-in Check-out within an Alternative Education Facility for Students with E/BD

Robin Parks Ennis & Kristine Jolivette, Georgia State University

Amy McCart, University of Kansas; Michael Kennedy, University of Virginia

Using Technology to Build Capacity in Your State, District, or School

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B12Mark Weist, University of South Carolina; Marc Atkins, University of Illinois at Chicago; Satish Moorthy, New York City Department of EducationSchool Mental Health & PBIS Interconnection: Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Lunchtime SessionMichael Kennedy, University of Virginia; Jessica Swain-Bradway, Illinois PBIS Network

Third Annual PBIS Film Festival


Ashley S. MacSuga & Brandi Simonsen, University of Connecticut; Todd Haydon, University of Cincinnati (OH)

Increasing Student Engagement & On-Task Behavior in Your Classroom

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Kimberli Breen, Illinois PBIS Network; Tim Gillian, Village of Forest Park (IL)

Community Application of PBIS

C3Cynthia Anderson, University of Oregon; Brianna Stiller, Eugene School District 4-J (OR)

Advanced Behavior Support Planning: Building & Evaluating Behavior Support Plans


Leanne Hawken, University of Utah; Carrie Akins & Lisa Alford, North Point High School for Science, Technology, and Industry (MD)

Advanced Training on Check-in Check-out



Barbara Kelley, Cristy Clouse, & Marie Williams, California TA Center on PBIS; Steve Gonzalez, Fresno County Office of Education (CA)

Building a Regional Structure for Systemic Statewide implementation of PBIS

C6Rob Horner, University of Oregon; Bob Algozzine, University of North Carolina-Charlotte; Scott Ross, Utah State University; Cayce McCamish, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Cultural Relevance & School- wide PBIS: Assessment & Research

Presentation1 Presentation2


Karen Elfner Childs & Jose Castillo, University of South Florida; Tabathia Baldy, Martin County Schools (FL); Susan Voorhees, Baker County Schools (FL)

A Needs Assessment for Multi- Tiered Academic & Behavior Systems

C8Patti Hershfeldt, Sheppard Pratt Health System (MD); Brian Turek & Sean White, Meade High School (MD); Christina Jordan & Tom Shouldice, Dundalk High School (MD); Phil Popielski, Woodlawn High School (MD)A Problem Solving Model for Improving School Climate in Urban High Schools
C9Steve Goodman, Michigan Integrated Behavior and Learning Initiative; Dawn Miller, Shawnee Mission School District (MI)A District Model for Integrated RtI Systems
C10Tim Lewis & Sarah Moore, University of MissouriImplementing PBS in the Pre- School Setting
C11Mark Weist & Vittoria Anello, University of South Carolina; Ami Flammini, Illinois PBIS Network

School Mental Health & PBIS Interconnection: Assessing Readiness

C12Sheri Luecking, Illinois PBIS Network; Bob Stevens, Charleston County School District (SC); Joanne Cashman, National Association of State Directors of Special Education (VA)The Changing Role of School- Based Clinicians at Tier 2 & Tier 3
Plenary Session Thomas Dishion, Arizona State University

Changing the Ecology of Youth Development: Empowering Schools/Families by Coordinating PBS Practices

D1George Sugai, University of Connecticut

Cultural Relevance & PBIS: Definition, Conceptualization, & Practice Guidelines

D2Mary Richter, Nanci Johnson, & Linda Bradley, University of Missouri; Karen Westhoff, Missouri Department of Education

Measuring & Supporting Classroom Management: Focus on Outcomes, Systems, & Data



Brianna Stiller, Eugene School District 4-J (OR); Rhonda Nese, University of Oregon

Bullying Prevention in Middle/High Schools
D4Terry Scott, University of LouisvilleSocial Skills Instructional Groups

Susan Barrett, PBIS Maryland Network

Coaching Systems

D6Lucille Eber, Illinois PBIS Network; Marc Lambert, Alton Community Unit School District 11 (IL)

Preparing Administrators for Leading Tier 2/Tier 3 Systems, Data, & Practices


Rob Horner, University of Oregon; Bob Algozzine, University of North Carolina-Charlotte

State-Level Evaluation Systems

D8JoAnne Malloy & Jonathon Drake, University of New Hampshire; Ami Flammini, Illinois PBIS Network

RENEW: Practice, Systems, & Data Features of Tier 3 in High Schools



Don Kincaid & Brian Gaunt, University of South Florida

Integrated Data-Based Problem Solving: From Model Development to Increased District Capacity


Tim Lewis, University of Missouri; Susan Bailey-Anderson, Montana Office of Public Instruction; Keith Hoyer, Belt High School (MT); Blake Allan Miller, Student (MO)

Involving Students in School- wide PBS: Adding Student Voice to the Process & Outcomes
D11Kelly Perales, Community Care Behavioral Health (PA); Jill Johnson, Illinois PBIS Network

School Mental Health & PBIS Integration: Implementation Progress/Examples



Bob Putnam, The May Institute (MA); Raymond Palmer & Helena Rodriguez, New York City Department of Education; Devon Bandison, Visiting Nurse Service of New York; Jennifer Parmalee, Onondaga Department of Mental Health (NY); Mark Vinciquerra, Syracuse Public Schools (NY)

Integrating School Mental Health/PBIS in Large Urban School Systems

Presentation1 Presentation2Presentation3

E1Kimberli Breen, Illinois PBIS Network; Lynn Owens, Schaumburg School District 54 (IL)Improving School, Family, & Community Partnerships: A Statewide Action Plan

Anne Todd, University of Oregon; Dale Cusumano, University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Using TIPS for Academic/Behavioral Problem Solving



Bob Putnam, The May Institute (MA); Kathy Gould, Illinois Autism Training and Technical Assistance Project

Impacting Students with Autism through All Three Tiers of PBIS

Presentation1 Presentation2 Presentation3 Handout1 Handout2 Handout3 Handout4 Handout5

E4Amanda March & Kathy Christiansen, University of South FloridaFrom Coaches to Coaching Skills
E5Catherine Bradshaw, Johns Hopkins Center for the Prevention of Youth Violence (MD)Examining the Effects of School- wide PBIS for the Students, Staff, & School

Michele Capio, Illinois PBIS Network; Pam Horn, Elgin School District U-46 (IL)

Integrating Community Partners in High School Systems of Support



Karen Childs & Devon Minch, University of South Florida

Engaging Families in Multi-Tiered Systems of Academic & Behavior Support



Mike Nelson, University of Kentucky; Kristine Jolivette, Georgia State University; Jeffrey Sprague, University of Oregon

PBIS Across the Juvenile Justice Continuum: Prevention to Aftercare


E9Jim Palmiero, Pennsylvania Training & TA Network; Susan Bailey- Anderson, Montana Office of Public InstructionBuilding State Structures for Integrating School Mental Health & PBIS
E10Brion Marquez, Pam Yeaton, Jessie Marquez & Calli Dean, IRIS Educational MediaOnline Universal Screening/Progress Monitoring to Measure Student Response to Social Skills Intervention
ClosingRob Horner, National PBIS TA CenterA framework for making a difference

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