SWPBS & Mental Health

Syntheses of Schoolwide PBIS from Mental Health Institute

Kutash, K., Duchnowski, A., & Lynn, N. (2006). School-based Mental Health: An Empirical Guild for Decision-makers.  The Research and Training Center for Children’s Mental Health, Florida Mental Health Institute, University of South Florida.

“Most experts in the field agree that school-wide PBS is in its infancy (Dunlap, 2006).  However, the early results of PBS interventions implemented at the indicated level, and the growing body of support for implementation at the universal and selective levels for children who have emotional/behavioral problem is very promising.” P. 32

“Because the roots of PBS are in applied experimental analysis of behavior, the evidence for PBS, at this time, is primarily derived from single subject designs.  This research, while not in the traditional empirical mode, is nevertheless rigorous, generalizable, and strong in social validity (Sugai & Horner, 2002).  Therefore, administrators have a preponderance of evidence to support their exploration of PBS as a viable model for School-based Mental Health programs.”  P. 33