Functional Assessment & Positive Behavior Support Plans (OSEP Forum on IDEA)


The presentation describes basic Steps in FBA-BIP Process. Main topics include 1)Conduct functional behavioral assessment, 2) Create plan based on functional assessment outcome, 3) Develop infra-structure to support behavior change (system change), 4) Positive Behavior Support Plan, 5) Teach replacement behavior(s) that result in same/similar outcome, 6) Environment should not allow problem behavior to result in previous outcomes, and 7) Ideally replacement behavior should be more efficient than problem behavior.


  • Timothy J. Lewis

Prevention Level

  • Tertiary


  • PBS Coaches
  • PBS Teams
  • Specialists
  • Teachers

System Impact

  • Individual Student


  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Elementary School
  • High School
  • Mental Health
  • Middle School