Positive behavior support as a family-centered endeavor


This article presents information related to positive behavior support as a family-centred endeavor. Many authors have noted that optimal positive behavior support is conducted with sensitivity to the family's need, goals and circumstances. Such family-centered positive behavior support (PBS) has the potential to produce substantial and durable improvements in a child's behavior and, importantly, to yield lifestyle benefits for other family members. Although a number of authors have advanced these positions, there remains a need for more research and practical reports regarding the process and outcomes of family-centered PBS.


Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions


  • Glen Dunlap
  • S. Johnston
  • B. J. Vaughn
  • R. White

Prevention Level

  • Tertiary


  • Parents
  • PBS Coaches
  • PBS Teams
  • Specialists

System Impact

  • Individual Student


  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Elementary School