Districtwide System for Providing Individual Student Support


Although schools generally provide safe environments, teachers, staff, parents, and students are concerned with the rising level of disruptive, antisocial behavior (Horner, Sugai, Lewis-Palmer, & Todd, 2001). Only a relatively small number of students in a school building engage in the most serious and/or chronic problem behaviors. However, these students account for about 50% of the incidents handled by office staff and dominate a majority of staff time (Lewis & Sugai, 1999; Sugai & Horner, 1994). Recent research recommends addressing individual student needs within a schoolwide discipline system. The purpose of this article was to provide an overview of individual student systems, identify guidelines for implementing a function-based model, and describe a case study of a district's attempts to build a comprehensive district-based individual student support systems cadre.


Assessment for Effective Intervention


  • Monica Bounds
  • Teri Lewis-Palmer
  • George Sugai

Prevention Level

  • Tertiary


  • Administrators
  • District Contacts
  • PBS Coaches
  • PBS Teams

System Impacts

  • District Team
  • State Team
  • Whole School


  • Systems