Coaching positive behavior support in school settings: Tactics and data-based decision-making


Systems of positive behavior support (PBS) that positively affect student performance involve consensus among stakeholders, the development of environments that facilitate student success, effective teaching of rules and procedures, and consistent consequences for behavior. Evaluation of such systems requires schools to collect data to assess performance and to use that information to make data-based decisions. However, surveys indicate that data collection and data-based decision making are among the most difficult components of PBS for school personnel to tackle. This article examines in-person coaching strategies and data use. Individual school results are analyzed in relation to the school's School-wide Evaluation Tool (SET) scores. A discussion of how coaches may more efficiently assess schools' readiness for coaching styles and content includes suggestions for how coaches might use a range of available assessment tools.


Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions


  • G. Martinek
  • Terrance M. Scott

Prevention Level

  • Primary


  • Administrators
  • PBS Coaches
  • PBS Teams

System Impacts

  • District Team
  • State Team
  • Whole School


  • Elementary School
  • High School
  • Middle School
  • Systems