Violence and youth: Psychology’s response


This summary report by the American Psychological Association's Commission on Violence and Youth examines individual and societal factors that contribute to youth violence in the United States and offers intervention strategies to reduce such violence. It examines biological, family, school, emotional, cognitive, social, and cultural factors which contribute to violent behavior. The report reviews what psychologists have learned about the factors that accompany and contribute to youth violence. It recommends a variety of specific efforts to reduce youth violence through: (1) early childhood interventions; (2) school-based interventions; (3) heightened awareness of cultural diversity; (4) development of the mass media to be part of the solution; (5) limiting access to firearms by children and youth; (6) reduction of youth involvement with alcohol and drugs; (7) psychological health services for young perpetrators, victims, and witnesses of violence; and (8) education programs to reduce prejudice and hostility. Two appendixes list the table of contents of the commission's full report (volume 2) and describe the commission's work.


  • American Psychological Association