School-Wide PBIS Implementation in High Schools: Current Practice and Future Directions

The purpose of this monograph is to describe the outcomes from the 2nd HS PBIS Forum on SWPBS implementation. Although the number of highs schools who are implementing SWPBS is relatively small compared to elementary and middle schools, the results from the five working groups and the dedicated and knowledgeable representatives from nominated high schools clearly suggest that SWPBS implementation has promise for improving the scocial culture and outcomes of all students.


Monograph by K. Brigid Flannery & George Sugai

Prevention Level

  • Primary


  • Administrators
  • District Contacts
  • PBS Coaches
  • PBS Teams
  • Trainees
  • Trainers

System Impacts

  • District Team
  • State Team
  • Whole School


  • High School
  • Systems