Collecting Behavioral Data in General Education Settings: A Primer for Behavioral Data Collection

Lee, D. L., Vostal, B. R., Lylo, B., & Hua, Y. (2011). Collecting behavioral data in general education settings: A primer for behavioral data collection. Beyond Behavior, 20, 22-30. The article provides insights on the steps for collecting behavioral data in general education settings. Teachers are advised to create a schedule for data collection. The importance of defining the target behavior of interest after the creation of the schedule is emphasized. Among the features of graphed data used to identify intervention effectiveness are the level of the first data points compared with baseline and changes in behavior as a result of the intervention.


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Prevention Levels

  • Secondary
  • Tertiary


  • PBS Coaches
  • PBS Teams
  • Specialists
  • Teachers

System Impacts

  • Classroom Level
  • Individual Student
  • Targeted Groups


  • Elementary School
  • High School
  • Middle School
  • RtI
  • Systems