How to defuse defiance, threats, challenges, confrontations

Colvin, G., Ainge, D., & Nelson, R. (1997). How to defuse defiance, threats, challenges, confrontations. Teaching Exceptional Children, 29(6), 47-51

Discusses behavior management of confrontational situations in the classroom, including prevention, defusion, and follow-up. Strategies for defusion are suggested, such as focusing on the task rather than the attention-getting behavior, presenting options privately, reducing agitation, preteaching and presenting choices to establish limits, and disengaging and delaying responding in the presence of serious threatening behavior.


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Prevention Levels

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Tertiary


  • PBS Coaches
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  • Specialists
  • Teachers

System Impacts

  • Classroom Level
  • Individual Student


  • Elementary School
  • Middle School