Functional Assessment Checklist for Teachers and Staff (FACTS)


The FACTS is a two-page interview used by school personnel who are building behavior support plans for tertiary level supports. The FACTS is intended to be an efficient strategy for initial functional behavioral assessment. The FACTS is completed by people (teachers, family, clinicians) who know the student best, and used to either build behavior support plans, or guide more complete functional assessment efforts. The FACTS can be completed in a short period of time (5-15 min). Efficiency and effectiveness in completing the forms increases with practice.


  • Brown
  • Edward G. Carr
  • Deanne A. Crone
  • Robert H. Horner
  • Teri Lewis-Palmer
  • March
  • Anne W. Todd

Prevention Level

  • Tertiary


  • PBS Coaches
  • PBS Teams
  • Specialists
  • Teachers

System Impact

  • Individual Student


  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Elementary School
  • High School
  • Mental Health
  • Middle School