A descriptive analysis of intervention research published in the Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions: 1999-2005


The Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions (JPBI) has been publishing reports of empirical intervention research since 1999, with a commitment to serve as a vehicle for dissemination of data and perspectives pertinent to positive behavior support (PBS). PBS is distinguished by an emphasis on certain features of interventions, such as ecological and social validity. The current analysis was undertaken as an effort to describe the characteristics of intervention research published in JPBI from 1999 through 2005 and to provide a comparison with other peer-reviewed journals that publish a large number of articles reporting intervention research with children and youth with disabilities. The data indicate that JPBI has been publishing research with comparatively high levels of ecological validity, social validity, and assessment-based interventions. The authors note other distinctive aspects of JPBI's publication record and discuss the data with respect to the current and future character of PBS research.


Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions


  • Shelley Clarke
  • Glen Dunlap

Prevention Levels

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Tertiary


  • Administrators
  • District Contacts
  • PBS Coaches
  • PBS Teams
  • Specialists
  • Teachers

System Impacts

  • Classroom Level
  • District Team
  • Individual Student
  • Non-Classroom
  • Targeted Groups
  • Whole School


  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Early Childhood
  • Elementary School
  • Families
  • High School
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Middle School
  • Systems