The quest for ordinary lives: A legacy and a challenge to the status quo


The article offers a commentary on the article "The Quest for Ordinary Lives: A Legacy and a Challenge to the Status Quo," by Betsy Shiraga, Kim Kessler and Lou Brown. It offers some useful insights beyond those traditionally encountered in personnel preparation programs in transition from school to adult living. It suggests that there may well be another side to the protectionist-feel good ethic in our society. The authors reported anecdotal data from coworkers in these typical community work settings suggesting that their jobs became enriched and more satisfying and fulfilling for had the experience of working alongside coworkers.


Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities


  • Wayne Sailor

Prevention Level

  • Primary


  • Administrators
  • District Contacts
  • PBS Coaches

System Impacts

  • District Team
  • State Team
  • Whole School


  • Elementary School
  • High School
  • Mental Health
  • Middle School
  • Systems