Tier 3 Supports


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Why:  The purpose of the Tier 3 section of the website is to provide an overview of the practices, systems, and data decision making for intensive positive behavior supports.

Who:  The Tier 3 section is developed for individuals who (a) work within a multi-tiered system of behavior support, (b) are grounded in behavioral sciences, (c) are focused on developing local expert behavior capacity, (d) coordinate development and implementation with a leadership team, (e) emphasize data-based decision making and problem solving, (f) implement function-based behavior intervention planning, and (g) consider comprehensive wraparound processes.  For individuals new to PBIS, the Tier 3 section of the website provides an overview of the core elements of Tier 3, Intensive Supports.  For individuals with more experience with individualized, Intensive Supports, the section offers materials, examples and outlines that may be used to conduct, or train others in, Tier 3, Intensive Support implementation.

What: Click on the links below to access content of practices, systems, and data-based decision making at Tier 3.

  1. Advanced Organizer
  2. What is Tier 3 PBIS? 
  3. What are the Critical Organizational Systems that Support Tier 3?
  4. What are the Critical Student-Level Systems that Support Tier 3 Practices?
  5. What are the Critical School-Level Systems that Support Tier 3?
  6.  What are Critical District/Region/State Level Systems that Support Tier 3?
  7.  What does Professional Development for Tier 3 Look Like?
  8. Current Tier 3 FAQs: Some of these may be covered in the sections above and may make room for different FAQs (such as ISF, ESE vs non-ESE, etc.)

If you have any questions about Tier 3 systems and supports that you cannot find on the www.pbis.org website, please email them to the following address:BCS-OSEPTACPBIS@usf.edu. We may not respond to all questions, but if several readers submit the same or similar questions we will add it to our Frequently Asked Question page.