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Equity & PBIS Practice Guide

A 5-Point Intervention Approach for Enhancing Equity in School Discipline
by Kent McIntosh, Erik J. Girvan, Robert H. Horner, Keith Smolkowski, & George Sugai

PBIS Cultural Responsiveness Field Guide: Resources for Trainers and Coaches (Updated on May 2019)
by Milaney Leverson, Kent Smith, Kent McIntosh, Jennifer Rose, & Sarah Pinkelman

Examples of Engaging Instruction to Increase Equity in Education
by Erin A. Chaparro, Rhonda N. T. Nese, & Kent McIntosh

Key Elements of Policies to Address Discipline Disproportionality: A Guide for District and School Teams
by Ambra Green, Rhonda Nese, Kent McIntosh, Vicki Nishioka, Bert Eliason, & Alondra Canizal Delabra

Using Discipline Data within SWPBIS to Identify and Address Disproportionality: A Guide for School Teams
by Kent McIntosh, Aaron Barnes, Bert Eliason, & Kelsey Morris