TIPS Materials

TIPS Resources Handout

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Best Practice: Team Initiated Problem Solving with Anne Todd

Top 5 TIPS Tips for Teams (Click here to read article and watch video)


TIPS Team Readiness Checklist

The following video walks through the TIPS Readiness Checklist that teams can use to assess their readiness to implement Team-Initiated Problem Solving.

TIPS Readiness for Training Checklist (MS Word) Download (Updated)


TIPS Fidelity Checklist (TIPS FC)

The TIPS FC serves a critical piece in the implementation of TIPS that can be completed by teams and/or coaches as a means of assessing the functioning of problem solving teams.

The following video provides an overview of the use and scoring process for the TIPS Fidelity Checklist.

TIPS FC (MS Word) Download

TIPS FC (Excel) Download

TIPS Team Training Fidelity Form Download


Skill Building Materials

Essential Skills for Minute Takers

Handful Tips for TIPS Minute Takers - Using Shortcuts for Microsoft Word Using Command or Control Keys (MS Word) Download


Essential Skills for Data Analysists

Video - Drilling Down into Problems with Prevision in SWIS

Video- Steps a Data Analyst can take when trying to refine problems with precision in SWIS (New)


Meeting Forms

Meeting Minute



Aligning Solutions with Precise Problems

Video - Helpful Resources to Align Solutions with Precise Problem Statements

Documents for the 'Helpful Resources to Align Solutions with Precise Problem Statements' video



Data Analyst Worksheet

This video guides Data Analysts through steps to review data at the "Big Picture" level, gather outcome data for previously-defined problems, and scan data for potential new problems that can be shared with problem solving teams.

Data Analyst's Worksheet Download

Data Analyst Worksheet with Sample Data



Fidelity of Implementation Measures

Video- This video explains different measures for gathering fidelity data to evaluate whether a solution has been implemented with high integrity in the TIPS process.



Take Home Task Activity

Using SWIS to Define Precise Problem Statements

Using SWIS to Identify Frequency of Problems