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Advanced Tiers in High School: Lessons Learned from Initial Implementation

An increasing number of high schools have adopted Tier 1 PBIS; however, implementation of advanced tiers of PBIS in high schools is less common and specific guidance is scarce. To address this need and better understand the level of support needed to successfully implement advanced tiers of PBIS at the high school level, the National Center on PBIS is conducting a model demonstration with a cohort of four high schools. The intent of this brief is to share lessons learned related to strengths and challenges that have influenced the initial implementation of advanced tiers of support for schools and lessons learned for district leaders and trainers to consider when supporting high schools.


Data-based Decision Making

High School PBIS



May 3, 2021


May 3, 2021



Tier 2
Tier 3


Meyer, K., Everett, S., Handler, M., Freeman, J. (April, 2021). Advanced tiers in high school: Lessons learned from initial implementation. Eugene, OR: Center on PBIS, University of Oregon.

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