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Monograph on SWPBS Implementation in High Schools: Current Practice and Future Directions

The TA Center conducted a second forum on high school SWPBS implementation in the summer of 2009 in Naperville, Illinois. The purpose of the forum was to bring together a small number of high schools that have been identified as successful implementers of SWPBS. This monograph provides a description and summary of the implementation efforts of SWPBS practices and systems in these high schools (9-12th grade) with an emphasis on shaping future demonstration and research projects, and giving high school implementers guidance on promising practices and systems.


High School PBIS



March 29, 2010




Tier 1
PBIS Foundations
Youth Voice


Flannery, K. B., Sugai, G. (2009). Introduction to the monograph on high school SWPBS implmentation. In B. Flannery & G. Sugai (Eds.), SWPBS implementation in high schools: Current practice and future directions. (pp 7-22). University of Oregon.

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