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Monograph on SWPBS Implementation in High Schools: Current Practice and Future Directions

The TA Center conducted a second forum on high school SWPBS implementation in the summer of 2009 in Naperville, Illinois. The purpose of the forum was to bring together a small number of high schools that have been identified as successful implementers of SWPBS. This monograph provides a description and summary of the implementation efforts of SWPBS practices and systems in these high schools (9-12th grade) with an emphasis on shaping future demonstration and research projects, and giving high school implementers guidance on promising practices and systems.


High School PBIS



March 29, 2010


March 29, 2010



Tier 1
PBIS Foundations
Youth Voice


Flannery, K. B., Sugai, G. (2009). Introduction to the monograph on high school SWPBS implmentation. In B. Flannery & G. Sugai (Eds.), SWPBS implementation in high schools: Current practice and future directions. (pp 7-22). University of Oregon.

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