Community of Practice — School Mental Health Series

January 13, 2023

Tired of Working in Silos?

Interconnect systems (school mental health and PBIS) within an MTSS framework.

The Center on PBIS is hosting a series of Community of Practice (CoP) sessions to bring people together in an effort to explore how a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) can strengthen current efforts to support these increasing needs.

Participants will have time for learning and processing with others in this space. Team participation is highly encouraged. Participation is provided at no cost. Registration is required.


Leadership Teams hiring clinicians | Leadership Teams recruiting diverse workforces
Working from individual clinician to working within a team | Clinicians new to working with leadership teams

School districts across the country are struggling with increasing mental health, social-emotional-behavioral, and wellness needs of both students and staff. Many districts have secured additional funding to support these increasing needs. MTSS is a promising framework for organizing, integrating and allocating resources across domains (education, mental health, social emotional behavioral wellness).

We welcome you to join others from across the country to learn and be in community with practitioners, technical assistance providers, and other educational and mental health systems professionals.

Monthly Series Held From 1:00pm – 2:30pm Eastern

Discussion topics will be developed in collaboration with participants but could include changing roles, understanding roles of community providers in the schools, data collection and evaluation, and using high leverage practices across the Tiers.


Assessing Current Status: What are the needs? How can a community of practice support you?

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How Should Our Systems Adapt to Support the Changing Role of Staff in the Current Context?

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Leveraging and Braiding Funding to Support Changing Role of Staff

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Access in NOT Enough, Success is Defined by Impact

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MAY 18

Creating Responsive Systems through Intentional Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Mental Health Providers

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