Educational systems cannot be considered effective until they are effective for all student groups. PBIS provides an ideal framework for increasing equity in student outcomes. Schools implementing PBIS with fidelity have greater equity in school discipline, specifically for Black or African American students. However, most PBIS teams will need to include equity-centered strategies in their action plans to achieve equitable outcomes for all student groups. Multiple research studies show that schools implementing the Center's equity approach have significantly increased racial equity in school discipline.

What Is Equity?

In education, equity is "when educational policies, practices, interactions, and resources are representative of, constructed by, and responsive to all people such that each individual has access to, can meaningfully participate, and makes progress in high-quality learning experiences that empowers them towards self-determination and reduces disparities in outcomes regardless of individual characteristics and cultural identities."[1][2]

There are different aspects of equity in education, such as academic achievement or placement in special education or gifted and talented programs. In PBIS, the most common outcome is equity in school discipline, or the reduction of risk for exclusionary discipline such as office discipline referrals and suspensions based on individual characteristics like race/ethnicity or special education status.

A 5-point Intervention Approach for Equity in PBIS

Instead of ineffective approaches, such as one-time events or disconnected initiatives, PBIS teams are more likely to increase equity in school discipline when they add explicit equity goals to their action plans. Addressing equity works best as a multi-component approach embedded within their existing PBIS system.

Resource: A 5-Point Intervention Approach for Enhancing Equity in School Discipline

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