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Physical Safety Measures: Communication Systems

Communication systems allow staff and students to communicate about advanced knowledge of a threat or the presence of an intruder and guide response actions during an emergency. In this document, we provide considerations for (a) what information is communicated, (b) when the communication should take place, (c) a process for ensuring that staff and students understand what is being communicated. There are a wide variety of communication technologies available to schools. In this document we do not suggest or endorse any specific technology instead we focus on establishing clear procedures for communication regardless of the type/s of technology used. When implementing communication systems, schools have a responsibility not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, or other protected classes when implementing school safety measures and policies.

We also provide other specific practice profiles for:

For more implementation considerations see Implementing Physical Safety Measures Effectively.


Crisis Recovery


June 25, 2024


June 25, 2024





Center on PBIS. (June 2024). Implementing Physical Safety Measures Effectively at Schools: Communication Systems. Center on PBIS, University of Oregon.

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