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Do Wisconsin Schools Implementing an Integrated Academic and Behavior Support Framework Improve Equity in Academic and School Discipline Outcomes? (NEW)
By Jessica Swain-Bradway, Kim Gulbrandson, Anthony Galston, and Kent McIntosh

Do Schools Implementing SWPBIS Have Decreased Racial and Ethnic Disproportionality in School Discipline?
By Kent McIntosh, Cody Gion, & Eoin Bastable

A 5-Point Intervention Approach for Enhancing Equity in School Discipline
by Kent McIntosh, Erik J. Girvan, Robert H. Horner, Keith Smolkowski, & George Sugai

PBIS Cultural Responsiveness Field Guide: Resources for Trainers and Coaches (Updated on May 2019)
by Milaney Leverson, Kent Smith, Kent McIntosh, Jennifer Rose, & Sarah Pinkelman

Examples of Engaging Instruction to Increase Equity in Education
by Erin A. Chaparro, Rhonda N. T. Nese, & Kent McIntosh

Key Elements of Policies to Address Discipline Disproportionality: A Guide for District and School Teams
by Ambra Green, Rhonda Nese, Kent McIntosh, Vicki Nishioka, Bert Eliason, & Alondra Canizal Delabra

Using Discipline Data within SWPBIS to Identify and Address Disproportionality: A Guide for School Teams
by Kent McIntosh, Aaron Barnes, Bert Eliason, & Kelsey Morris



Equity in School Discipline: Enhancing Commitment through Teacher Training - Overview of the process for using specific data to enhance commitment to address equity
by Kent McIntosh


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PBIS Evaluation Briefs

Do Schools Using SWIS Take Advantage of the "School Ethnicity Report"?
by Claudia G. Vincent

Do elementary schools that document reductions in overall office discipline referrals document reductions across all student races and ethnicities?
by Claudia G. Vincent, Gwendolyn Cartledge, Seth May, and Tary J. Tobin

Have Schools Increased Their Use of the SWIS School Ethnicity Report?
by Kent McIntosh, Bert M. Eliason, Robert H. Horner, Seth L. May


Pyramid Equity Project

SCTG Webinar for Equity

Resources for Enhancing Equity in School Discipline (SCTG Webinar Page, Direct link to the YouTube)



Interventions for Equity in School Discipline: Universal or Specific?
by Kent McIntosh

Strategies for Achieving Equity in School Discipline
by Kent McIntosh

Neutralizing Implicit Bias in School Discipline
by Kent McIntosh

Implicit Bias in School Discipline Decisions: Strategies to Enhance Equity
by Kent McIntosh

Enhancing Equity in School Discipline: Practical Strategies and Tools
by Kent McIntosh

Keynote: How Do We Sustain Effective Practices in Schools?
by Kent McIntosh

Equity and PBIS (2-part session)
by Kent McIntosh

Implicit Bias in School Discipline Decisions: Strategies to Enhance Equity
by Kent McIntosh

How Can We Reduce Racial Disproportionality in School Discipline?
by Kent McIntosh

Strategies for Reducing Bias in School Discipline Decisions
by Kent McIntosh

Implicit Bias in School Discipline
by Erik J. Girvan & Kent McIntosh

Enhancing Equity through Effective Professional Development
by Kent McIntosh

Enhancing Equity through Effective Policies - Handout 1 / Handout 2 / Handout 3
by Kent McIntosh

Using Data to Identify & Address Racial Disproportionality
by Kelsey Morris

Engaging Families & Communities for Culturally Responsive School-wide PBIS
by Kent Smith & Milaney Leverson

Supporting Students Who Identify as LGBTQ: A School-wide Approach
by Jessica Swain-Bradway

Culturally Responsive Instruction in the School-wide PBIS Classroom 
by Jen Rose

Inclusive Schoolwide Reform: Equity And Education For All
by Wayne Sailor & Amy McCart

Exploring Equity In PBIS Implementation
by Jen Rose

Implementing SWPBIS With Quality, Equity And Efficiency
by Rob Horner

Reducing Disproportionate Representation within PBIS Framework
by Matthew Cregor, NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund; Kent Smith & Milaney Leverson, Eau Claire Area School District (WI)

An Examination of Cultural Considerations and the Impact on High School Classroom Management
by Patricia Hershfeldt, Michael Ford, & Kristine Larson

Culturally Responsive PBIS in Action: Examples & Strategies
by Kent McIntosh, Jayson Lobley, Yolanda Cargile, & Jessica Grandt

Framing the Challenge: Research on Disciplinary Disproportionality and the Need for Equity-Explicit Intervention
by Russ Skiba & Gerald Williams

Changing the Data, Changing Our Minds: Disproportionality and School-wide PBS
by Russ Skiba

Culturally Relevant Practices and PBIS
by Leticia Smith-Evans, Milaney Leverson , & Kent Smith

Double Check: A Cultural Proficiency and Student Engagement Model
by Catherine Bradshaw, Kristine Larson, Sandy Hardee, Lana Asuncionā€Bates , Katrina Debnam, Wendy Reinke, & Keith Herman

Culture, Context And Connections
by George Sugai

Addressing Racial/Ethnic Disproportionality in School Discipline
by Kent McIntosh

Disciplinary Disproportionality
by Cayce McCamish

Alton Disproportionality
by David Schwartz

Cultural Relevance and SWPBIS
by Rob Horner, Bob Algozzine, Scott Ross, and Cayce McCamish