SCTG Webinar Series

December 22, 2020

This SCTG webinar series includes topics that will educate viewers about PBIS implementation, discuss methods for alignment with SEL practices, and provide strategies for cultivating cultural wellness. Click "Watch Video" to view a recording of the webinar.


Date: 1/13
Using PBIS to Build a Culture of Wellness for All
Description: Using key features of a MTSS, we will describe ways to organize, align, and allocate resources to cultivate a culture of health and wellness for all.
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Date: 1/27
Building State Advisory Teams
State Advisory teams can inform best practice at the state and district level by bringing together important constituencies and perspectives for planning and problem-solving. This presentation will share examples of PBIS/MTSS state advisory teams that have supported growth and implementation of efforts across a state and have effectively addressed barriers and needs.
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Date: 2/17
Title: Implementing PBIS with a Racial Equity Mindset
Description: Many schools are implementing PBIS in efforts to reduce racial disproportionality in school discipline. Research shows that schools implementing PBIS with fidelity have more equitable school discipline, but eliminating disproportionality will likely require a specific equity focus. The presenter will share specific strategies and free Center resources for enhancing the cultural responsiveness of PBIS systems.
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Date: 3/24
Title: PBIS Implementation in Rural Settings
Description: Rural settings have a variety of unique challenges that can make accessibility to resources challenging but also have strengths that can be utilized. Learning environments that support the social, emotional and behavioral needs for all students and adults have been shown to positively impact outcomes regardless of setting. Multi-tiered behavioral frameworks, such as PBIS, have been successfully implemented in rural schools, helping to promote a positive school climate and better student outcomes. This webinar will review some of the lessons learned in implementing PBIS in rural settings, explore strengths, and describe the adaptations needed for improved PBIS implementation.
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Date: 4/21
Title: Alignment and Integration of RP and SEL
Description: Schools across the country are tasked with installing multiple initiatives to address the social-emotional-behavioral (SEB) needs of their students. These initiatives include, but are not limited to, social-emotional learning, trauma-informed care, restorative practices, school safety, and suicide prevention. This session will provide an overview of how to align and integrate initiatives, such as those mentioned above. Examples, tools, and resources will be shared, specifically to address restorative practices and SEL.
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Date: 5/19
Title: PBIS in Alternative Settings
Description: The success of PBIS in typical school settings has led to PBIS implementation in alternative settings, including disciplinary alternative day schools, residential mental health programs, and juvenile justice programs. In this webinar, we will describe important considerations for planning and implementation in these settings, and how to manage possible challenges that may be encountered during planning and implementation. In addition, we will encourage state and district PBIS teams to include the full range of educational settings in PBIS plans and activities.
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Date: 6/9
Title: High School Implementation - Supporting College and Career Readiness Through PBIS
Description: Despite the challenges of implementing PBIS in high schools, we know that it leads to improved outcomes for secondary students. In this session, we will review the rationale for and the critical features of PBIS at the high school level and share suggestions for improving training, coaching, and technical assistance for high schools. Further, improving student behavior is important but not sufficient at the high school level. It is essential that we prepare students adequately for College or Career. In this session, we will discuss strategies for integrating academic and behavior supports to ensure that the knowledge, skills, and habits students need to be successful after high school are consistently taught and reinforced across all school settings.
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